Monday, January 5, 2009

You Call That A Hole?

"Things Courtney Love Would Say?" "Yes!" Donny Osmond would confirm with zest. "You just won $100,000 PYRAMID" Oh wait, that was a dream I had. Anyway, FOX finally created an Americanized version of that Japanese game show (that's been on Ellen since last season) where people have to fit through a weird-shaped hole in a wall or be pushed --by that MOVING wall-- into a ball pit. FOX replaced the ball pit with a Gatorade tank, and gave the contestants the same INSANE uniforms to wear that make them look like Jiffy-Pop popcorn. The show is called HOLE IN THE WALL and has a "circus-like" atmosphere. I don't need Nina Garcia to tell me that shiny mylar bodysuits are simply NOT flattering to anyone. FOX put some "big boned" people in those hideous shiny suits. One woman set African-Ameican history back 30 years by doing the "Re-Run" dance from WHAT'S HAPPENIN' while wearing her mylar suit. One of her team partners had a camel toe "situation" that went clear up to her navel. TMI. HOLE IN THE WALL stars Brooke Burns from DOG EAT DOG, which is like a more interesting HOLE IN THE WALL. I like Brooke Burns because she sells crap like no one else! And, she doesn't appear to mind speaking to wet people. Other highlights include clone Ty Pennington's other clone as one of the show's lifeguards because "big boned" people CAN drown in 3 feet of Gatorade. I never would have even seen this "gem" of a show because it was listed on my TiVo as repeats of AMERICAN DAD. I was looking forward to Stan Smith and ended up with even stupider Americans. Anyway, if you're home alone and bored out of your mind... it's time to face the final hole! [that's a direct quote from the show!]

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