Thursday, January 15, 2009

How Do You Really Feel CNN?

First Rick Sanchez has a few choice words for "Joe" the "plumber" who, as you may know, is now a "war correspondent" in Israel for a conservative news outlet. Conservatives are just truly batshit crazy in a way that can only be watched in amazement and openly mocked. Good job, Mr. Sanchez. I may have found my replacement Keith Olbermann. Also, I like Sanchez because he's "totally wired" and has deep roots in social netowrking integrated into his broadcast. He is a technological pioneer, and don't piss him off!

And, then there's Jack Cafferty. Seriously! don't piss off Jack Cafferty! I love how he just lets it fly. I hope that while striving to present impartial or balanced stories on TV news that more stations will offer "viewpoint" moments like Sanchez' "Joe" jab and Cafferty's brilliant daily gripe!

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