Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fat Heads

I'm not sure why THE BIGGEST LOSER (aka THE BOB AND JILLIAN EGO SHOW) decided to give away 115 minutes of the 120 minute show in the previews this week. If you watched NBC at all this week then you already know that the final weigh in (the only reason for watching the show) was gonna be between the two youngest guys. What a dilemma! Despite Tara's right-on plea to save the orange team's lives, they were voted off. This has been the season of bad vote-offs. We'll see what happens in the finale.


Miss Amy said...

OMG! I was so annoyed when I watched the previews last night. I thought that if you didn't write something about it, I would. UGH!

Patty said...

I mean the weigh-in lasted at LEAST 40 minutes and they were all "oooo tension oooo" and we ALL knew how it was gonna turn out. It basically invalidated EVERYONE else's story. It was like dead air. What the hell, NBC/Universal/GE?!