Saturday, January 10, 2009

SNL 2009: Neil Patrick Harris

Tonight, SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE returned live with host and gay cutie-pie Neil Patrick Harris. Sadly, the show is without new mom Amy Poehler. Thank god (who I don't believe in) that Kristin Wiig is still kicking ass on the show! She did a spot-on Kathie Lee Gifford on the interminable 5th hour of the TODAY show. She also had a triumphant return as terminally annoying know-it-all Penelope with a surprise ending. And the SNL faux game show with the BEST theme song ever, "Two First Names" featured -among others - Wiig as Jamie Lee Curtis (having a digestive emergency). Sadly, I can't find a clip of "Two First Names." :-(
This clip is called "Fran & Freba"

Penelope's two best friends are a tomato and Liza Minnelli.

Wiig does a FRIGHTENINGLY flawless Kathie Lee Gifford as the 4th hours of the TODAY show drones on and on and on...

The rest of last night's clips from SNL are on NBC clips page or on Hulu.

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