Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Soup: Clipdown '08

Don't tell my dog, but I have a crush on Lou from TV's THE SOUP. Thank you Jeebus for THE SOUP's CLIPDOWN '08 PART II this week. What a GREAT way to start the new year (by looking back and laughing at last year)! I was originally perturbed that E! broke the Clipdown into 2 parts, but I now see the wisdom behind their madness. Perhaps one of the best things about both CLIPDOWN shows was how quickly Joel slammed his way through the lists of clips. These shows were as lean as a West Hollywood body builder. No fat. All clips. Thank you, Joel McHale, for sharing TV's bounty with me (and, y'know, everyone else too). You've AAAAALMOST restored my faith in TV. You've definitely restored my faith in cuteness.

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Miss Amy said...

Oh I love my Joel McHale and this image of Lou is positively adorable!