Friday, January 16, 2009


*What the FRAK?! Without giving away any spoilers, I have to say that the first episode of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA was a fraking disaster, and I not in the nuclear or hurricane way. Maybe it's because I don't care about any of the characters because it's been sooooo sooooooo soooo fraking long since the show's been on. The whole fraking episode seemed like a bunch of completely unrelated and random events that didn't add up to ANYTHING. Starbuck did not fraking explain why there was a huge worldwide coffee franchise named after her. The Admiral was behaving like fraking Baltar. Where the frak was Baltar? The President was acting like a Six with crippling fraking PMS. One amazing improvement was the background soundtrack, which in surround sound filled the room with eerie background clangs and clanks and echoing spooky noises in every scene on the ship. Frakin' awesome (but pointless if there's nothing on the show but a bunch of random background noises). Not frakin' awesome was the exposition back story about the music the secret in-fleet Cyclons all heard which eventually drew them all together. Earth, though, was like a cheesy 80's BSG set and NOT up to 00's BSG's usual standards. The entire episode was dangerously close to previous episodes of shows like LOST (blech!) and HEROES (????) which caused me to stop watching the show. The producers seem to be tossing all the show's previous plot points and characters into an airlock and flushing them out into deep space. Now that I know who the final 5th secret Cyclon is, it makes much LESS sense than all the people the show was alluding to throughout the completely superfluous first 41 minutes of the episode loyal fans have been waiting almost a year for. Don't FRAK this up, BSG! We're counting on you to lead us all out of TV hell.

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