Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bad Patty

Usually Patricia Heaton makes me itch like chiggers in my pubes. I just do NOT like her. I've NEVER liked her in ANYthing she's been in. Everybody does NOT love Raymond. And Kelsey Grammer is a right-wing nut-job. Anyway, don't fast forward through Patty Heaton on Regis & Kelly today or you'll miss her ribald story about going to a Korean bath. The best acting job she's ever done is her imitation of an old Korean woman shouting "Spread your legs! Spread your legs!"

Monday, February 18, 2008

HATEful day on TV

Ugh, "happy" Washington's Birthday. Ellen RUINED my morning by calling Dictator Bush to wish HIM a happy President's Day. She IS high on cough medicine or something. I almost threw up. It totally shakes my view of Ellen. Ellen, how could you? What were you going to say if he answered? "Thank you for working for 7 years to change our Constitution to discriminate against me and all other homosexuals? Thank you for plunging our country into an endless pointless war that's killed tens of thousands of innocent people? Thank you for being fiscally and socially irresponsible and blatantly beholden to the right-wing religious zealots who have sent this country backward into the dark ages?" Yeah, happy Washington's Birthday, Ellen. I turned the show off and deleted it from my TiVo.

Before Ellen's well-wishes for our butcher of a "president" my morning got off to a rocky start when, Sherri Sheppard finally crossed that HATE line today on THE VIEW. I can take her ignorant "I don't know if the earth is round" bullsh*t, but today she was ignorant AND hateful. The ladies on THE VIEW were talking about the story of two male penguins who raise an abandoned egg together. It's based on a true story that happened at the Central Park Zoo, and it shows the communal nature of penguins in the wild. But, of course, ignorant and hateful Sherri Sheppard is scared of the book because her tiny mind "thinks" that it spreads the homosexual agenda. And, that her 2 year old son will catch the gay from a children's book. Oh g-d help me if I actually start taking Elizabitch Hasselbitch's side on THE VIEW. Who knew that a young female Black comedienne would make Elizabitch look like a moderate. The world's gone mad! I'm turning the TV off for today. I've had enough.

Friday, February 15, 2008

It's an S-n-P thang!

One of my favorite bands of ALL time is Salt-N-Pepa who now have a fantastic new show (in its second cycle) on VH1. They are the most hilarious odd couple. Sandy (Pep) is outrageous to a fault 24/7 and Cheryl (Salt) has settled WAY down to suburban life and church choirs. Even if you don't love them, it's fun to watch them navigate their career as a duo when their lives have diverged from their hip hop pioneering days. If you do like their music, when they do perform it's like flipping a switch. They start tossing mad raps around like they're 18 again. They also had a moving episode where the families of both Salt & Pepa traveled to Jena, Louisiana to attend the civil rights march. Mostly they just shop and argue. It's great!


Rest In Peace old iBook laptop that I loved so much. Now that my laptop is no more, I can't blog from the sectional any longer. I now have to blog from my desk sitting fully upright, and frankly, it's NOT the same. I also continue to mourn the death of television recently. There is little else but CRAP on, and the few good shows are all on opposite each other (AMERICAN IDOL vs. BIGGEST LOSER and THE SALT N PEPA SHOW vs. MAKING THE BAND). Why don't more networks follow the lead of the NBC/GE/Universal mega corporation and repeat their hit shows on multiple networks? There's usually a BIGGEST LOSER season marathon on Bravo after the show wraps up on NBC. I'm planning to catch that. I'll watch all 72 hours of it in 48 hours on TiVo in one weekend! One of my favorite enigmatic super-marathons is the week-long AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL marathon that Viacom/CW/MTV/VH1 runs at least once a year on MTV and/or VH1 and/or MTV2. Speaking of MTV2, back when they used to actually show videos, at least once a year they would play EVERY music video in alphabetical order for (what seemed like) ever. NBC showed episodes of 30 ROCK on Bravo when it was struggling originally. At their heights, I think both PROJECT RUNWAY and QUEER EYE had episodes air on NBC in Primetime on slow nights.