Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Levis versus Toughskins

Kathy Griffin "interviewed" Levi Johnston when she filled in for Larry King. She proceeded to verbally "date" him for 10 minutes. It is hilarious, political, raunchy, and - technically - on CNN.

I'll have some of whatever she's smokin'! :-)

Saturday, August 1, 2009


We've gone fishin'!!

The Sectional -- like MOST of TV -- is on hiatus... sorta. We're still Twittering, but it's just too darn HOT in Seattle to post full blog
posts. Plus, TV has slid into the summer doldrums. It's not pretty.

Set your Twitter to "FOLLOW" and let's micro-blog this August out like mutha! @thesectional

The Twitter feed is in the sidebar to the right too. --->>

See you in September (or October) with new posts about Ben from Ace of Cakes, Jeff from Time Warp, Anderson Cooper, Regis and Kelly and so much more!