Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Another Day, Another Hilarious Sarah W. Palin Video Spoof

Frances McDormand as Sheriff Marge Gunderson in FARGO interviews Governor Palin. It's hilarious! You betcha! [wink.] Speaking of which, Sheriff Marge Gunderson has more foreign policy experience than Sarah W. Palin (and Sheriff Marge is a fictional character). I would love to see Bonnie Hunt interview Palin too.

Monday, October 27, 2008

John McCain is "The Vet Who Did Not Vet: A Cautionary Tale" also starring Sarah W. Palin

You don't always get what you should get when you don't vet. For those of you who are still confused and baffled by John McCain's selection of Sarah "Who?" Palin as his Vice Presidential running mate at a time of great crisis in our country. It seems like McCain is thumbing his nose at America. Here's a video clip to help you understand it all.

Friday, October 24, 2008

13th Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival

Be sure to check out the closing weekend of the 13th Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival. You do not want to miss ELVIRA MISTRESS OF THE DARK. Elvira will be there. For real!Sunday Update: Elvira looks AMAZING! in person. She's totally still got it. She rocked a full house with a hilarious Q&A after a 35mm screening of ELVIRA: MISTRESS OF THE DARK (circa 1988). So many juicy details in the Q&A! She still owns the car from the film and has been known to take it out for a spin. She learned all her hair, outfit, and make-up tricks from drag queens. Joey Arias is in ELVIRA: MISTRESS OF THE DARK. Her BFF is Paul Reubens (aka Pee Wee Herman). She was a riot! I wish she'd come to the party after the film, but apparently she signed autographs until every last homo had left the theater. If the film comes to a midnight movie near you, GO! I'm not kidding. I'm NOT!

Vote for My Future Husband by Nov 4th!

There's a new poll on the main page of THE SECTIONAL where you can help me decide which of my future husbands to relentlessly stalk (just kidding). You can click on any of the images to view them bigger. Some of the pics are definitely worth clicking on. Lemme know what you think! Read about the candidates below and vote on the right column of the main page. Polls close 10PM on Election Day 11/4/2008.

Tyce Diorio, choreographer, SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. He usually choreographs broadway, modern, or lyrical routines. He always seems so positive and upbeat when they show him rehearsing with the dancers. He is mad foxy, and I have and soft spot in my heart for choreographers and dancers.

Oscar Campisi, dancer, STEP IT UP AND DANCE. He is a broadway dancer who also is trained in ballet. He does a pretty mean and sexy jazz, but the judges almost never gave him any props for modern dance or hip hop. In fact, he was eliminated from the show twice! He was my favorite contestant consistently. As previously mentioned, I have a "thing" for dancers and choreographers.

Oh, Lance Bass. If you weren't dating a different guy every week, I would be SO in love with you. I respect and admire that you want to journey into space. I was also a HUGE Nsync fan. I even went to see you in concert in Tacoma, of al places. Lance, if you show up on my doorstep, get down on one knee, and propose: the answer is YES! Until then. Good luck reaching for the stars.

Tim Gunn, designer/mentor, PROJECT RUNWAY/TIM GUNN'S GUIDE TO STYLE. Mmmm, Timmmm. Tim Gunn is so damn dapper. He is so dapper it's shooting out of his as like a roman candle. That's how classy he is. Yes, he's a bit older than my usual range, but his stylishness is timeless, which almost makes him ageless. I once made out with Sir Ian McKellen in a lavatory. I'd at least like to compare Sir Ian and Tim. Is that so wrong?

Cazwell, rapper/fashionista (attached to Amanda Lepore at the hip). He is hardcore sexy. I love that he has such a sense of humor about himself. "I Buy My Socks On 14th Street" is my favorite Cazwell song. "I Seen Beyoncé at Burger King" is a close second. My fantasy is that Cazwell would keep me me hidden away in a cute Brooklyn coop with a view of the Brooklyn Bridge. He'd go out and rock the mic, and I'd stay home and make weedy banana muffins.

And, my bonus future husband is J.P. Calderone, SURVIVOR and JDMA. In fact, he now works for Janice Dickinson. He knows a good meal ticket when he sees one! He's as smart as he is gay and hot. He also MIRACULOUSLY was the ONLY person to survive 2 seasons of JDMA without looking foolish or exploited. I have NO idea how he did that! Kudos!

So be sure to vote!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Drew vs. THE VIEW

I have to say that my boycott of THE VIEW is paying dividends! My overall mood has improved. THE PRICE IS RIGHT is a truly amazing show that really does bring happiness to those who watch it. (One caveat: it is almost UNBEARABLE to watch TPIR without TiVo because all the commercials are depressing commercials for weird medications, diabetes, incontinence, and funeral insurance) Anyway, suck it, Barbara Walters! I watched THE VIEW for at least 9 out of the 11 years it was on the air, and now I'm so glad that I don't watch it any more. Did someone say Plinko? I gotta go! UPDATE: Looks like I got out just in time! Dlisted reports on a backstage blow-up at THE VIEW. Read on!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Smoke Up, Bitches!

Wednesday night has slipped a bit from the gayest night on TV to being the bitchiest night on TV. The models on ANTM started getting up in each others' grills. Sheena and Alina couldn't stop sniping at each other. Marjorie got caught in the middle when she and Alina were accused of being "European especially on the episode where the girls find out they're going to Amsterdam to smoke weed with ." Ewwww. I have to say the patriotism/xenophobia issues were an unusual topic of discourse for ANTMTyra and Nigel Barker. Oops, I mean to model. It's never a good thing when one of my favorite girls is in the bottom two, and this week I lost one of my peeps. Then ANTM ended early (which you know I hate) to make way for AMERICA'S NEXT TOP BITCH. Oops, I mean STYLISTA, the new CW show where ultra-bitchy young people get ripped to shreds by bitchy bitches at Elle Magazine. Someone will be fatally scratched on this show by another contestant or a hungry intern at Elle. One contestant said early on that, "I'd give my left arm for this opportunity. Literally!" Well, just wait 'til later in the episode, sweetie. I'm sure someone at Elle will ask you for it. Should be fun. The 3 things that you need to know about STYLISTA are: 1) The Fashion News Director of ELLE magazine for the past 10 years is Anne Slowey, and she is the head judge on the show. She also is an uncanny living caricature of Patsy Stone. 2) EVERY employee at Elle Magazine says the name "Anne" as if it were a razor sharp dagger tipped with deadly poison. 3) One of the contestants is named -- and I'm not kidding you -- "Cologne." This show is SO getting a a season pass.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Through With THE VIEW

(click on the photos to make them bigger) I am through watching women I used to respect being berated in a disgustingly disrespectful manner every morning on THE VIEW. Elizabeth Hasselbeck's only "claim to fame" is as a losing contestant on a reality game show as Kathy Griffin recently pointed out. Ms. Griffin goes on to say "This notion that everyone has to be quiet and listen to Hasselbeck is out of control. I am not sure why [Barbara Walters] treats her like a rock star." Which brings me to my next point. It's so difficult to watch such a pioneer in journalism like Barbara Walters be daily dragged down into the muck of Hasselcoulter's robotic Republican propaganda. Joy Behar has had to put up with A LOT during her 11 years on THE VIEW and here recent nights on CNN filling in for Larry King, but nothing has compared to the daily assault by Hasselbitch. Even Whoopi Goldberg, who is usually so well-spoken and level-headed appears to be flummoxed by Hasselcoulter's venom and machine-gun style of dominating a conversation. And, it's not that Hasselcoulter is a rabid Republican mouthpiece, it's that she's the WORST kind of rabid Republican mouthpiece and she will not shut up! E.D. Hill from Fox News (of all places) was a guest host on THE VIEW one day when Hasselcoulter was "caring" for her "children," and even though E.D. Hill is probably at least as crazy for McCain/Palin/Bush/Cheney 2008 ticket as Hasselcoulter, BUT she let the other ladies speak! She let them SHARE their opinions. It was a day of pointed conversation that didn't make me want to shoot myself in the face. It's not Hasselcoulter's views, it's her. On Friday, when Elizabitch said unequivocally that she was staying on THE VIEW, I couldn't take any more. I immediately changed my TiVo season pass to record THE PRICE IS RIGHT instead of THE VIEW. Why put myself through the daily stomach-churning frustrating disgusting display on THE VIEW when I can watch old ladies and cute frat guys win "fabulous" prizes on TPIR?! And, every Friday, I'll check out Hunk du Jour for the weekly wrap-up of my favorite TPIR hotties. Sorry Barbara Walters, but you handed your 11 year ratings Juggernaut to an inexperienced Republican robot and I'm done.

Bassets For Obama

These guys (and their driver) go by my house at least once a week. They're so cute! I'm so glad that someone is finally trying to get the Basset Hound vote out!

In Case You Haven't Seen This EVERYWHERE Else

Tina Fey once again showed this past Saturday why she is the greatest living comediene on TV today. Sarah Palin showed that she is a good sport, which should come in handy on Nov 5th when she's crying her eyes out and Hillary Clinton is named as Obama's choice for Secretary of State. Anyway, enjoy...

And, who doesn't love McCain's favorite supporter...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Chocolate News

David Alan Grier's new show on Comedy Central, CHOCOLATE NEWS is HILARIOUS!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Time for an intervention?

I see that Patty already posted today but since I haven't been here in a while I thought I'd add to the Friday political roll.

Are you like Patty and me? Worried about your parents going down the wrong path - that without proper care and attention that they will end up ruining their lives by making a mistake that could have drastic consequences for their future?

We are here to help. And so is one of Hollywood's It Girls. Enjoy.

Happy Friday

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Kenley Kenley Kenley

This week Kenley copied Balenciaga (see inset of original design):Last week, she copied Alexander McQueen:Also, Kenley's family scared me as much as Leanne's runway music.

Dear Tyra

Dear Tyra,
Thank you for about 4% new footage in this week's lame-ass clip-show episode of ANTM. I watched the whole show in about 5 minutes. And, as I was fast forwarding through the whole show, I noticed a LOT of clips of Tyra who is usually only in the show for 3 minutes per episode. Less Tyra. More show. What a waste of TiVo space!


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

McCain is Miers, Not Palin!

Uh oh. It's not Palin who's Harriet Miers in this case, it's McCAIN! McCain was the bait-and-switch bait all along. The GOP probably KNOWS for a fact that he has a terminal disease and won't live past January. Sarah Palin is a female clone of George W. Bush. She is identical in every way. She's a beer swilling, inexperienced LIAR who, like W., will have no trouble feeding the American people another 4 years of horsesh!t brought to you by the Republican Party (a wholely own subsidiery of the Bank of Wachovia JP Morgan Chase WaMu of America Bank and ExxonMobil). McCain is a dried up piece of toast. How's he going to carry the G.O.P. torch to burn the rest of America to the ground like W. and Cheney have been doing. I'll bet anyone $750 Billion dollars that IF McCain and Sarah W. Palin win in November either because of dumbasses in Florida or voting fraud in Ohio, that McCain will be in the ground by Innauguration Day and Cheney (now on his 12th baboon heart) will be named as her VP. Welcome to the next 8 years of your life. Any Canadians reading this: I'm single, have all my teeth, no diseases, and a dowry of a worthless house in a worthless nation. Marry me! Watch this clip from THE RACHEL MADDOW SHOW (which I don't watch because she took away my Dan Abrams) where she (finally) calls out Palin on her bald-face straight-up lies. She sounds JUST like W. proudly lying to the American people about why we had to go to war with Iraq.

A Republican With A Brain... on THE VIEW no less!

I was pleasantly shocked today by the substitution of Fixed News Channel (I mean FOX "news" Channel) personality E.D. Hill for Republican robot mouthpiece (and broken record) Elizabitch Hasselcoulter at today's sit down on THE VIEW. I'm sure she's a nightmare on Fixed Noise (I mean FOX "news" sorry about that), but E.D. was a refreshing change from Hassellcoulter's non-stop McCain propagandering. She actually sounded intelligent when defending her positions, and she actually let the other ladies speak and respected their opinions. I don't wish any harm to Elizabitch, but if I was E.D. Hill, I'd push that bitch down a flight of stairs like Gina Gershon in SHOWGIRLS. Elizabitch Hassellcoulter is a WASTE of a chair on THE VIEW. She has ONE view and doesn't entertain the thought that anyone else could know more about her about anything including growing up Black in the U.S. in the 50's and 60's, which I think Whoopi does know more about than Elizabitch. THE VIEW might as well set up a CD on a loop that just shouts, "Obama is a terrorist and John McCain is a national war hero!" and "John McCain is NOT George Bush." Both are lies, but it's the only thing Elizabitch seems to believe any more. One call, Barbara Walters, one call and that G.O.Princess could be off your show for good (for the good of all)! Today showed you a glimpse of what could be a beautiful new morning. Fire Elizabitch tonight!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Busy Week

The Sectional has a very busy week, so please accept these table scraps until we have more time to share. Look forward to our weekly wrap-up and a few stray posts in between.


Also, listen to me on the radio on Wednesday on KBCS 91.3 FM during Democracy Now from 5-7PM (before and during the Presidential debate).

I'll be a judge at this year's Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival which kicks off this Friday with a great opening night party.

I will also be endeavoring to go see W. this Friday at an early matinee.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Friday, October 10, 2008

Because We All Need A Laugh On Friday: Betty White On Sarah Palin

Betty white is still brilliantly funny after 174 years in the business, bless her heart. Here she is on the Craig (vomit in my mouth) Ferguson Show sharing some of her political views. Go, Betty! Go, Betty! Go! Go!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay Gaaay

Tyra Banks read poetry on tonight ANTM. Imagine how weird your life would be if Tyra Banks kept popping up randomly and forcing you to smile pretty and listen to her poetry. She's turning into Kim Jong Il. One of the models on tonight's show said, "This is cycle 11, you never know what's going to happen." I have to disagree. You should know exactly what is going to happen. Tyra's gonna show up, do something humiliating and pointless, and then you're going to get photographed (by a man) while wearing pretty clothes. Time to vogue, ladies. The models were coached through a posing session with Ms. Tyra, who taught them how to "give this." This --as far as I can tell-- is what Tyra does for a living. My favorite person on the show is Joselyn (who was barely in this episode), and my favorite model is Sheena (even though, she's kinda one-note). Marjorie is totally gonna win, and I don't like Elina. Tyra's outfit (self described as "little black riding hood") and her over-the-top-of-the-top delivery at panel was from another planet. My favorite photograph was Samantha's but not because of her. Marjorie really rocked her photo. I agreed with the judges choice of who to send home. What do you think? Also, ummmmm, what is gonna happen to the ANTM timeslot when STYLISTA starts in 2 weeks?

So then I switch the channel over to Bravo (actually, I pding the TiVo over to Bravo) to watch part 1 of the PROJECT RUNWAY finale. A quote from Korto within the first 3 minutes of the show, "Typical Kenley... rude as hell." When Kenley just breezed by the other contestants with a scowl and went home. When 3 out of 4 people are getting along great, and you're the one walking away with a scowl, you need to look at yourself, lady! [But as we know from looking "into the future" on today's LIVE WITH _____ & KELLY that Kenley is still a total bitch.] My favorite part of the whole season is Tim's visit "home" to meet the contestants' families and see where they live and work. First up, Korto. Jesus! Korto is WAY too cool for Arkansas. Her collection and her workspace are stunning. Though, I agree with Tim that her wedding dress needed something more (a lot less). Korto then drummed for us. Who knew? Leanne lives in Portland, which explains why she's so mousy and plain. I liked her wedding dress more than Korto's, but her collection was kind of putting me to sleep. Tim Gunn on a bicycle built for two! Holy crap, perhaps the funniest thing this season. I love the parks in Portland. If it wasn't SO boring, I'd love to move to Portland. It's true that EVERYONE rides a bike in Portland. Jarell lives in LA. I should have figured that out. Though, his collection is so not-LA. I love Jarell's family. You can see in Jarell's story how creative people can be nurtured and supported by an environment instead of stifled by it. Speaking of stifling, Tim finally went to visit Kenley in Brooklyn. She cried. And cried. And then cried more. No friends. No family. Just tears. Gorgeous wedding dress, though. Best so far. Then the designers all moved back in together in NYC and got thrown a curve ball. They had to design a bridesmaid dress to go with their wedding dress. Kenley's eye roll almost pulled the Earth off it's axis. Later, she whined some more. Then later she accused Leanne and Korto of stealing her design. As if! In fact, later Michael Kors pointed out that Kenley's silouette was an almost exact copy of an Alexander McQueen dress from Spring of THIS year. Kenley protested petulently, but check out the photos I put together. Seems pretty identical to me. On the runway, however, none of the dresses looked like wedding dresses to me. I wouldn't want to be married in either Korto's dress or Jarell's. I was relieved by the judge's choice. I still think it's downright sh!tty to handle the end of the show this way. Just pick a damn final 3. Anyway, one week 'til the final finale! Also, don't forget to watch TIM GUNN'S GUIDE TO STYLE season 2. I'm devastated that Victoria Blackham --I mean! Veronica Webb isn't going to be on this season. If I didn't love Tim so much, I'd protest!

The gayness soldiered on into the night as I dipped my toe into TOP DESIGN. The challenge was to redecorate an eco-friendly office. But, who cares, really? The show should be called WHAT THE F#CK IS UP WITH KELLY WEARSTLER'S HAIR THIS WEEK?! In the mean time, Eddie elevated the level of bitchiness (and queeniness) every time he was on camera. It was like a never ending spiral into white-hot queerness. A little scary. Then Mr. India Hicks throws the biggest, stupidest curve into the show: after the designers have met with their clients, designed for their clients, and shopped for their clients, they have to swap clients with another designer and somehow make their "vision" work. This is utter bull$hit, and I'm sick of it! Play fair, show producers. Then FINALLY, it was time for W's hair, and was it worth the wait? Um, no! because she wasn't even on the show this week! Dammit! What a waste of an hour! Hey look, Cybil Shepard went to Wearstler's hair dresser! TOP DESIGN at least ended the 3 hour Gay-A-Thon with the gayest thing I've seen on TV in... almost forever.

Four Horsemen of The Heidipocolypse

The final four designers from PROJECT RUNWAY were on LIVE WITH ____ & KELLY this morning. Surprisingly (or not) Kenley was still a whiney, teary, spaz on Lw/_&K who feels like "everyone kinda ganged up on me." You're damn right, they did! They shared a group hug with Regis. Then when Regis asked them why they should win Korto said, [paraphrased] "Because I represent a missing or forgotten segment of women seeking fashion choices." Leanne said, [paraphrased] "Because I've worked really hard to make a name for myself in the field of renewable eco-conscious fabrics." And, Jarell said, [paraphrased] "We're all winners already because millions of people know who we are." And then he cursed on live TV. Kenley said, "Because I'm the best and my dresses sell and my hats sell too." Smooth. Tonight should be fun. My favorite part of PROJECT RUNWAY is when Tim goes "home" to visit the designers. I hope that's on tonight.

Paris Hilton For Fake President

This would be funnier if we hadn't already had a fake President who is almost as smart as Paris Hilton for the past 8 years.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Stuttering John

Does anyone know what the hell John McCain was talking about during the debate. His constant stuttering is making me dizzy. Obama seems much more well-spoken and factually accurate. McCain is all over the place. His jumpiness makes me uneasy. Also, he is NOT my friend.

Gwen Ifill: "Palin blew me off"

Palin's Ties to Domestic Terrorism and Her Witchdoctor

Though Keith Olbermann is a misogynistic gasbag, I still respect his ability to make a 10 minute "Special Comment" that is unlike anything else on TV. He really is a throw-back to the "old days" of journalism where people really went after a story. Sadly, these days, those people are called commentators and the Bush-fed rubber-stamp media whores are called journalists. Sarah Palin must be out of her mind to directly associate herself with people who assert that Barack Obama is "pallin' around" with terrorists when Mr. & Mrs. Palin have been "pallin' around with terrorists for years and as recently as last year. When Keith is right, he's really right. This is worth a watch and a forward to your friends.

Elizabitch Hasselcoulter, Shut The F#ck Up!

For the second day in a row, Elizabitch Hasselcoulter has strained SO hard to link Barack Obama to terrorism that you can see her starting to crack. Even Barbara Walters is at the end of her rope. Elizabeth Hasselcoulter's EXTREME (lie soaked) "view" does not belong on THE VIEW. G-d only knows what she'll be like tomorrow after the next debate! I'm scared. Will someone hold me?

Monday, October 6, 2008

Wiiging Out

For those of you --like me-- who were waiting for Kristin Wiig to shock and upset you with her humor, she delivered this past Saturday. God I love this woman!

Remember Last Week

Remember last week when I said that folks should really be looking at John McCain's involvement in the Keating Five scandal? Well, folks are looking.

Bitchcon meltdown!

Monday morning, Elizabitch Hasselcoulter almost imploded defending McCain and McPalin after the train wreck of a (wink) debate last week. Her frustration at having ALL three other women on THE VIEW jump down her throat was palpable and may have registered on Bitch-O-Meters worldwide.

Friday, October 3, 2008

To Do List For October 3-5

The Sectional has a very busy weekend planned, but will be putting the following on our TO DO LIST for the weekend:
1) Watch THE SOUP Friday night at 10:00PM
2) Watch TABATHA repeat on Sat
3) Watch ULTIMATE FIGHTER repeat on Sat
4) Watch SNL
6) Buy gold
7) Stuff my mattress with cash
8) Vacuum

In Case You Missed The Debate

Thursday, October 2, 2008

No Greater Disapointment Than The Democratic Party

Joe Biden, you asinine mummy, thanks for derailing the Democratic Party again this election. Unless, John McCain falls and breaks a hip or calls Palin "honey" we're doomed again. Hillary would have wiped the floor with Palin. Sadly, by about an hour in Biden handed the debate to that crazy whackjob, Palin. "Barack Obama nor I support redefining from a civil side what constitutes marriage. We do not support that." Shoulda voted for Hillary, gays. Shoulda!


The shocking thing about last night's AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MONSTER was how uneventful it was. I miss Isis. Tyra wasn't crazy. Miss Jay was "reeled in," and Mr. Jay only showed up in a giant Godzilla costume for a few minutes. So, y'know, normal. I agree with the judges decison, though I always question the consistency of judging when one week a girl is in the top few and then gone next week.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Gay Night TV Marathon

While the economy goes down in flames lets talk about flaming homosexuals. Way more fun. The gayest night of TV started out of order for me. I watched PROJECT RUNWAY first because it is now my least favorite show of the night. Also, did you know that Lifetime and NBC/Bravo are in a tug-of-war over PROJECT RUNWAY? Brothers (producers of PR) tried to sell the show to Lifetime because the show is a runaway hit among women 18-34. NBC and Bravo said no way! And, a judge agreed. Next season (if anyone still cares by then) will be on Bravo, but the following season will be on Lifetime. As or tonight's episode, at least we got back to fashion and models who look good in clothes for a change. I am a 100% dress of course; I did not care for Leanne's dress, though I liked the idea of it and her crazy-ass The WeinsteinKorto fan. I am hoping that she wins the whole show. I am hating Kenley more with every passing moment of this episode and hoping that the previews showing her in a throw-down with Heidi are true! On the runway: I loved Korto'sOCD ruffle work; Jerell's dress was gorgeous in parts, but all together it was messy and not at all like his inspiration photo. And then there's Kenley. All I could think of was Divine from Pink Flamingos. The dress looked difficult to walk in, like you'd be out of breath walking across the room. Much to my horror, the judges raked Korto over the coals when every single designer had something wrong with their dress. Props to Jerell for his impassioned speech and for not backing down when Kenley attacked him for not liking her. And then there's Kenley. Wahwah wah. Sniff and boo hoo! I was pooping during the final judging countdown until they pulled the same damn BS again with the pre-show show. Coming up, I hope, is the episode where Tim Gunn visits the designers at home in their studios. Though, I still think Kenley should have been sent packing for being a bigger bitch than any gay man in the history of PR. So, finally, TOP DESIGN let the designers work alone in a design "triathlon". Working in teams was turning the show into a clusterf#ck. I still loooove Nathan, and I wish he wasn't only into fey Asian men. The individual designer challenges really get to show off who they are. Each designer had to embellish a very plain chair and make it their own (chairs pictured are not from the show) Preston's chair was booooring! Wizit's chair looked dirty. I loved the Eddie's chair. It looked very Jonathan Adler. Natalie's chair was ok. It did look tacky. Theresa's chair was janky. Andrea's chair was a wreck, sadly. I loved Ondine's "Betsy Johnson" chair. Nathan's chair was a little garish to me, but I still love him. It did look very finished. The second challenge was a table-setting challenge. Theresa's table was a mess! It looked like a picnic. Natalie's colors made me pukey. Eddie's table was perfect. Andrea's table was very sophisticated (for a child's birthday party). Nathan's table was kinda lame. Preston's table looked like it's not done. Wizit's table was prissy. Shock. Ondine's table was a little off and the judges called her out on it. The third challenge was to design a set for a photo shoot (for Elle Decor) using items bought at a garden store. Weird. OMG, Kelly Werstler's hair is just too insane even for me. She always looks like she's been dragged down a carpeted hallway! Preston's space was awful. Theresa's space looked so bare and plain. Wizit's space at least had some flair and pizzazz. Nathan's space looked boring. Natalie's space was actually OK. I liked Ondine's room. She was able to bring the outdoors inside. Andrea's looked oddly polished but unfinished. Eddie's looked bare and sparse to me. The final two came down to Andrea (Rick Schroeder's wife) and Theresa. Andrea did a great job in 2 of the 3 challenges. Theresa sucked at all 3. And then I watched ANTM as the "main feature" of my gay TV evening. But, by that time I was too tired to blog about it, so you'll have to wait until Thursday.

Sarah Palin: Homosexuality Is A Choice

"As for homosexuality, I am not going to judge Americans and the decisions that they make in their adult personal relationships. I of my best friends for the last 30 years happens to be gay and I love her dearly. She's not my gay friend, she is one of my best friends who happens to have made a choice that isn't a choice that I have made. But I'm not going to judge people." -Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin

That Was Fast!

I wonder when the pickup truck will be by for my ATM card.

Sarah Palin's Facebook Page

Empty your bladder, and then click on the image to enlarge.