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Friday, October 24, 2008

Vote for My Future Husband by Nov 4th!

There's a new poll on the main page of THE SECTIONAL where you can help me decide which of my future husbands to relentlessly stalk (just kidding). You can click on any of the images to view them bigger. Some of the pics are definitely worth clicking on. Lemme know what you think! Read about the candidates below and vote on the right column of the main page. Polls close 10PM on Election Day 11/4/2008.

Tyce Diorio, choreographer, SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. He usually choreographs broadway, modern, or lyrical routines. He always seems so positive and upbeat when they show him rehearsing with the dancers. He is mad foxy, and I have and soft spot in my heart for choreographers and dancers.

Oscar Campisi, dancer, STEP IT UP AND DANCE. He is a broadway dancer who also is trained in ballet. He does a pretty mean and sexy jazz, but the judges almost never gave him any props for modern dance or hip hop. In fact, he was eliminated from the show twice! He was my favorite contestant consistently. As previously mentioned, I have a "thing" for dancers and choreographers.

Oh, Lance Bass. If you weren't dating a different guy every week, I would be SO in love with you. I respect and admire that you want to journey into space. I was also a HUGE Nsync fan. I even went to see you in concert in Tacoma, of al places. Lance, if you show up on my doorstep, get down on one knee, and propose: the answer is YES! Until then. Good luck reaching for the stars.

Tim Gunn, designer/mentor, PROJECT RUNWAY/TIM GUNN'S GUIDE TO STYLE. Mmmm, Timmmm. Tim Gunn is so damn dapper. He is so dapper it's shooting out of his as like a roman candle. That's how classy he is. Yes, he's a bit older than my usual range, but his stylishness is timeless, which almost makes him ageless. I once made out with Sir Ian McKellen in a lavatory. I'd at least like to compare Sir Ian and Tim. Is that so wrong?

Cazwell, rapper/fashionista (attached to Amanda Lepore at the hip). He is hardcore sexy. I love that he has such a sense of humor about himself. "I Buy My Socks On 14th Street" is my favorite Cazwell song. "I Seen Beyoncé at Burger King" is a close second. My fantasy is that Cazwell would keep me me hidden away in a cute Brooklyn coop with a view of the Brooklyn Bridge. He'd go out and rock the mic, and I'd stay home and make weedy banana muffins.

And, my bonus future husband is J.P. Calderone, SURVIVOR and JDMA. In fact, he now works for Janice Dickinson. He knows a good meal ticket when he sees one! He's as smart as he is gay and hot. He also MIRACULOUSLY was the ONLY person to survive 2 seasons of JDMA without looking foolish or exploited. I have NO idea how he did that! Kudos!

So be sure to vote!