Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Night two of AMERICAN IDOL was total dejavu. It was so formulaic. There were the crazies, followed by the super-crazies, the people with tough lives and sad stories. There was even another Castro family off-spring. Perhaps you will remember Jason Castro from last season. He was a total goob with cool hair and a nice smile. I thought he was an awful singer and an even worse performer. Well, he has a brother who also can't sing and has the stage presence of a mic stand. Michael Castro describes himself as the manlier of the two. Yikes! I would NOT be shocked to learn that either Castro boy also had a vagina. Check out the photos. They are the LAST photos of a Castro on this blog! There are --as usual-- some good singers, but we're also --as usual-- only getting a fraction of the whole story. We won't see all the people selected from Phoenix or Kansas City until Hollywood if ever. 147 folks Made it through to Hollywood according to Ryan's voice over, including Bikini Girl, Recent Widower, and Welder Guy. Appropriately, the show ended with some girl holding her head in her hands crying out in desperation, "Oh my God, I can not believe this sh*t!" Indeed, girlfriend. None of us can.

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