Friday, January 9, 2009

Anderson Cuter

Super Duper Anderson Cooper has broken through some sort of news/entertainment hymen to become both adorable AND trustworthy (as well as sexually ambiguous, vexingly enigmatic, and downright girly) at the same time, on air! The seriousness and gravity of a Walter Cronkite type news delivery system seems so "old man" and too scary for America. Andy Cooper (as La Griffin calls him) is so "versatile" that he can report about Middle East politics and also host CNN's historic first First Family Puppy "Debate."

Speaking of La Griffin (aren't we always?!) she was on JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE (Again!? Is her house like right up the street from his studio?) She talks about hosting New Year's Eve on CNN with "Andy."


And, I could watch this clip all day! Happy Friday!

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