Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Idol Gives Back (The 2nd Hour of the Show)

I'm sad that AMERICAN IDOL was only one hour tonight. I wanted more crazies! Tatiana Del Toro seemed loonier than William Hung and Lemur-Eyed Boy combined. I thought she sounded OK. The judges toyed with her a bit before relenting and making all her dreams come true by sending her to Hollywood. Bikini Girl, watch out. Then Tatiana cackled on camera for what seemed like EVER. Hollywood week is going to be high drama. Jesús had a touching story, but the "auditions" shows are filled with a LOT more auditioner's stories and a LOT fewer auditions. What does a guy solving a Rubik's Cube have to do with his singing ability? Both the cube and his audition were puzzling. Every audition was puzzling and seemed to go on forEVER! It was 45-freakin' minutes before the first brief montage of actually good singers followed immediately by crazy-screaming girl, Annie. At 47 minutes into the show, Adam came along. They showed his musical theatre background. He was dressed hip and sexy. His voice was very interesting. He was also relaxed and surprisingly not crazy. And then for the last few minutes of the show, they brought it down. Way down. Cue the Kleenex. I'm not enjoying the auditions this season. I'm looking forward to Hollywood week. I hope there will be some singing.

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