Thursday, January 15, 2009

BEST and WORST Dressed at the GLOBES

Patty's BEST and WORST dressed from the Golden Globes.
First, the WTF Award of the Awards' Season goes to Drew BarryMOREMOREMORE who -- I suspect -- is a staunch woman. S-T-A-U-N-C-H. She looks like she's been rolling around on the red carpet. I both love and hate this "look" so much that I just had to say WTF!Now on to the WORST
This dress makes me physically ill. It looks like an alien threw up all over Maggie Gyllendon't. Her makeup looked ONE small dab shy of Dina Martina, and her hair was a high-top fade.
Oh my f#cking hell! Renee!! Renee Crazyweger looked like Blanche Dubois from head to toe after a ROUGH night dashing from plantation to plantation looking for a few kind strangers. Ghastly!
And, finally the BEST
Amy Adams was stunning in this dress. Sadly, this photo doesn't do it justice, but in HD on a big TV it was breathtaking! I have to ask, why no necklace? But, otherwise flawless.
My personal favorite of the evening was Mary Louise Parker in this hypnotic blue vision. She was a beacon in a night of mostly muted flesh tones and metallics. Plus, her skin is just so DAMN perfect that she looks so good in everything. Again, in HD, the dress was alive!
What did you think? Send me a link in your comments and I'll add the dress. Comment on my faves and/or share yours!

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Miss Amy said...

LOVED Amy Adams - I simply love her anyway but she looked fabulous. I didn't see MLP the whole show but your photo of her proves she once again looked divine. I feel the same way about Drew - when she presented I kept wondering WTF was going on back stage before she walked out: cat fight? roll in the hay? I even think she some hay in her hair. Renee Z needs to take it down about 11 notches - she used to be one of my favorites and now she's simply scary. I also want to give an honorable mention to Sally Hawkins - I LOVE HER. Her dress was a little frou frou but she's great and I'm glad she won.