Friday, January 2, 2009

Was I High On Crack Or Was CNN?

Kathy Griffin was ON FIRE New Year's Eve in Times Square on CNN's downright trippy coverage of NYE around the globe. La Griffin was SO beautifully out-of-her-mind Anderson Cooper could BARELY keep up. She kept that closeted sex-machine on his toes for 2 hours of freezing cold LIVE tv. She kept CNN on their toes too! I have to say that it may have been the BEST Kathy has EVER looked on tv, and she was the BEST thing about the show. Any time they cut away to the crowd or another location, it was dead air. Anderson and Kathy had an infectious repartee that really made their interactions riveting. I couldn't have changed the channel if I wanted to. Kathy was IN CHARGE! Bravo, girl!

OH, but it gets SO much better! I missed this in the original broadcast. Thank you YouTube!

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