Friday, January 9, 2009

CBC: Steven & Chris and The Dragon's Den, eh?

Girl, you don't know what you're missing if you're not Canadian or lucky enough to have CBC on your cable TV like I do. Though, I'll probably lose it when I switch from lying assh@les Comcast to Direct TV any minute! Anyway, while I still have CBC, I'm enjoying a couple of shows that just aren't on American TV, unfortunately. STEVEN & CHRIS is a daytime talk show featuring 2 openly (unquestionably) gay hosts. They even pronounce the name of the show like Kelly (from "Shoes") would pronounce "betch": STEVEN & CRESSSS. Luckily, you can watch clips and whole episodes online on the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company) web site. The other show I love is DRAGON'S DEN. There's a British version too on BBC America which I haven't seen yet (but will when I get Direct TV!) Canadian entrepreneurs pitch their crazy half-baked ideas to a panel of Canada's most successful and wealthy businesspeople. Of course, some of the ideas are pretty good and the dragon's invest their own money in the project. The show also has all sorts of smart tie-ins like voting for your favorite crazy idea that didn't make it. America had a show kinda like this on ABC that Simon Cowell co-produced, but it was poorly scheduled and I only watched it once. DRAGON'S DEN on CBC has a really wonderful Canadian quality to it. They're not as bitchy as the Brits and they're not condesending like Americans. It's a perfect balance for a reality show. In fact, I would say that most Canadian "reality" TV comes much closer to fine documentary film making rather than purulent realityshow flotsam and jetsom.

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