Saturday, January 3, 2009

ReTweet: My Favorite Tweets

This is a re-post of an earlier post with a few updates sprinkled throughout. As you may know, The Sectional is now on Twitter. I've been using Twitter -or Twittering, I suppose- for a few months now. Along the way, I've discovered a few really pleasant surprises. Here are a few of my favorite feeds to follow, and why.

1. Wil Wheaton, wilw, who you will remember from STAR TREK: TNG (sigh... Wesley Crusher) and a little film called STAND BY ME. He uses Twitter on a level that raises it to an art form. His posts are like poetry, but not in the rhyming way. He posts an interesting mix of Hollywood gossip and geeky tech stuff as well as personal updates. Stand-up guy. He is also on our blog roll.

2. Stephen Fry, stephenfry, who you will remember from such films as WILDE, PETER'S FRIENDS, and SPICE WORLD. The amazing Mr. Fry travels the globe meeting fabulous people and Twitters about it often with an economy of words and characters per post that is admirable and also borders on poetic (maybe it's just the accent).

3. Paul F. Thompkins, Twitterkins, who you will remember from BEST WEEK/YEAR EVER and as an occasional guest on COUNTDOWN with Keith Olbermann. Twitters often in a million different directions. Crazy. Funny. Twitterkins, is fast becoming my favorite feed! He's hilarious.

4. John Hodgeman, hodgman, who you will remember from the commercial you just saw where he plays "PC guy" to allegedly hip Justin Long's "Mac," and from his appearances on THE DAILY SHOW. Funny to the bone, and often gets into Twitter "fights" with Twitterkins and DAILY SHOW producers. If you like THE SECTIONAL, you should own every single one of John Hodgeman's books. He is a gifted writer.

5. Mark Trahant, NewsRimes4lines, who you probably don't know. He's a reporter for the Seattle P-I newspaper who posts his Twitter feeds in 4 line rhyming poems. Love it. He is a true Twitter artist.

And, of course you should be following The Sectional's Twitter feed. You are, right?

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