Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bonnie Hunt: The Best Show You Aren't Watching (You Know You Aren't!)

I love Bonnie Hunt! Her daytime talk show is often the highlight of my day (humorwise. It's rarely the BEST thing that happened to me all day, anyway...) and I usually can't wait to watch it on TiVo everyday. Do most TiVo owners --like me-- watch shows I'm excited to watch at 20 minutes after they start? Or do you start them live and then take a break? Anyway, one of my favorite things Bonnie Hunt does is mercilessly mock Kim from THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA. Kim, who can't sing a note, is exactly the kind of person who would try out for AMERICAN IDOL and sound dreadful. Bonnie's YouTube site (which doesn't allow embedding :-( ) has a preview clip of her upcoming "Kim" skit. If you're not watching Bonnie, do yourself a favor... watch it a couple times. Smile. You should smile more.

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Wendy Hughes-Jelen said...

We've been watching this show since the day it started. My husband happened to be unemployed at the time, so tripped over it. It's been on our DVR ever since. Sometimes we do a Friday night marathon and watch the whole week at once.