Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Goodbye W. - "The End of An Error"

George W. Bush is the WORST PRESIDENT in American History. And let's hope it stays that way! America could not survive another national tragedy like George W. Bush. I am among many people who still dispute the legality of his first term since was appointed to the job by his father's buddies not by the American people. It's important to remember that he was NOT elected President in 2000. He was appointed. In some ways, it could be called a "bloodless coup." Bush and Cheney took over our country from democracy. Their agenda was clear: shred the Constitution and every document created as President, empower corporations to strip the resources of the planet for their gain, and vacation... a LOT. Pure, evil greed. Few Presidents have done so much damage to our own country in 8 years. I'm still baffled that he was elected to a 2nd term, but unfortunately the blame for that lies with either Howard "Woo Woo" Dean, John "Shut The Fuck Up You Wordy Bastard" Kerry or the Republican-owned Diebold Corporation for rigging all the electronic voting machines. Either way, Americans have suffered through 8 long, tough years of lies, terrorist attacks, fearmongering, warmongering, torture, limitless government spending, environmental rape, and racial cleansing in New Orleans. When we look back on these 8 years, we will be ashamed that we allowed it to occur. If you voted for George W. Bush, you have blood on your hands from the U.S. Soldiers killed for no reason and for those tortured in the name of the United States of America. BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS!

But, let's start with a little fantasy story that keeps me awake at night. Let's say Al Gore had fought a little harder or Jimmy Carter showed up to sort things out. Gore wins in 2000. Gore would have kept the deficit and the budget in check, and he would have spent the BAJILLIONS of dollars Bush has squandered on the Iraq War on new energy sources and peaceful negotiations with the world leaders. The Iraq war has cost OVER $500,000,000,000 TRILLION dollars. Do you know how many Prius' that buys? How many solar panels? How many jobs that money could create? That money could build schools, buy books, pay teachers.

9/11 happened on Bush's watch. He ignored intelligence that warned him -- and his administration -- of the impending attack and they did nothing. Bush was the Commander in Chief who allowed this attack to occur. If I was Commander in Chief and I read a memo that said, "Bin Laden Determined To Strike Inside the U.S." I might have perked up my ears a bit. Maybe put a little just-in-case plan together that did not include reading a children's book while YOUR nation was under attack. FAHRENHEIT 9/11 will be remembered as the accurate retelling of the 9/11 cover-ups committed by your regime. Its enormous box-office grosses speaks to the feeling that people do NOT feel like they got the full story from Bush or the press.

And, where is Osama Bin Laden? Finding and bringing Osama Bin Laden to the U.S. for a trial and/or execution was Bush's #1 job from 9/12 on, and he did little to find Bin Laden. He had almost 8 years to find ONE man, and he could NOT do it. I really hope that when Obama finds Osama that Osama produces the proof that Bush and Cheney were behind the 9/11 attacks on American soil. They were the only people capable of such an attack and the only ones to benefit. Devastating to the country, 9/11 was a windfall for Bush. One problem, Bin Laden's already been "taken care of" Sopranos-style or he's kickin' it in Bali with WAY more than 72 virgins by now. So, to shift the focus from Bush's greatest failure, he created his biggest mistake: The Iraq War.

Iraq War (as of last week)
4226 American deaths
4087 of the AFTER "Mission Accomplished"
Official number of soldiers wounded
Unofficial estimates put the number of AMERICAN soldier wounded closer to 100,000
Some NGOs put the Iraqi death toll including women and children at over 1 million. This is all over a war that was based on fabricated evidence and bully tactics. This call to urgent war had a hastily bullied "coalition" of a few nations but faced opposition from the U.N. and the majority of nations worldwide. But Bushy knew better. The only thing worse than going to war is STILL being at war. It's like someone gave Bush a copy of "Middle Eastern War For Dummies" and he threw it aside and made it up as he went along. Dick Cheney's former employer Haliburton and other war profiteers lined their pockets with BILLIONS of tax-payer dollars while randomly and wantonly shooting up a sovereign nation without having to adhere to ANY rule book. Those "in charge" stole from, lied to, and plundered Iraq. Thousands of American soldiers killed and Bush still sees no end in sight. No possible way out of the mess he'd created. So he surged and stalled and lied and danced and now Iraq is Obama's problem. So, hopefully soon Guantanamo Bay will be closed and the troops will start handing Iraq back to its rightful owners. Then our soldiers and their support staff can come home, get the help and treatment they need, and get on with their lives.

George Bush to New Orleans: Drown and die, I don't care! Katrina was another test that Bush failed miserably. And when Bush fails, it's something to behold. He was on vacation and paling around with buddies while New Orleans was drowning. Kanye West was the only man who said what needed to be said. Unfortunately, Mike Meyers got caught in the crossfire. I don't really care for Kanye West, but he will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart for going "off prompter" on live national TV. WAY off prompter!

And, Bush STILL doesn't get it! W. thinks that he and FEMA did a great job in New Orleans. He castigates anyone who would suggest otherwise.

prophecy. But, this was a direct result of Bush's regulation-free 8 years of corporate fraud, greed, and theft. WTF happened last summer with gas prices?! The entire U.S. got royally spanked by the oil industry and Bush just went on vacation again! He sat there and watched/let it happen. Gas prices skyrocketed due to nothing more than the threat that oil prices might climb, which turned out to be a self-fulilingExxonMobil and the other scumsucking assholes who sell you gasoline made RECORD quarterly profits in the months during the price-gouging. I wonder how much stock the Bush family has in oil companies?

The Bush Legacy and the Bush Library. Are you KIDDING me?! Bush and Cheney shredded everything that could prove they did ANYTHING between 2000 and 2009. They tossed computer servers into industrial strength wood-chippers. They never told the truth. A George W. Bush Library is a sick and stupid joke. Will the library tour start with the "ABCs & 123s" and work its way through torture, regulationless corporate bacchanalia, racist/homophobic policy, exposing classified CIA agents' identities, and finish off with other civil and human rights violations? I hope Bush is hung as an International War Criminal in Switzerland before the groundbreaking on his "libary" can even occur.

And, perhaps his final racist asshole move was to deny the Obama family the right to stay at Blair House where EVERY incoming President has stayed since forEVER. Petty. Little.

Goodbye, W. You were the WORST thing to happen to America since the Civil War. Your legacy? You took a healthy country on the verge of becoming a shining beacon to the world known for peace, innovation, and justice. And, you ruined it, destroyed it, over and over and over until there was barely anything left for to hand over to your successor. You sucked our country DRY! You BLED our wallets. You burned the Constitution (along with your papers, emails, and Post-It notes). Bush's BS Presidential Library will be a black hole that sucks the truth in! It will be one small empty room, which pretty much sums you up. Hopefully, the memorial erected to the thousands or millions of people killed during your regime because of your stupidity and selfishness will more accurately reflect your impact on history and on America.

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