Monday, December 29, 2008

It's Been a Busy Day for The Squeaky Wheel

I just can't get angry --I'm simmering, potatoes!-- and stand by while NO ONE does ANYTHING. The City of Seattle and Seattle's Mayor Greg "B" Nickels have BOTCHED their handling of our recent Snowpocalypse (or Snowmare or natural disaster depending on who you ask) SO badly that it SHOULD be a NATIONAL news story to bring SHAME to the Nickel's "administration." Did anyone see the TWO tour buses FULL of YOUNG PEOPLE teetering over the broken edge of a freeway retaining wall?! Apparently, the Mayor missed that on TV from his bunker deep inside City Hall. Following the Mayor's brief 20 minute LIE CONFERENCE on Christmas Eve, I started a Facebook protest group called "Save Our Streets" to collect the stories of people impacted by the storm and to urge the City to salt at least the WORST hills. I wanted to create a central online space for information about the storm-response. Seattle needed a place to share information from citizen to citizen. The group has grown by word of mouth to over 80 members who have shared a lot of great (and scary) stories and photos from this storm. Mayor Nickels' assessment of the severity of the storm makes it VERY clear to every Seattle citizen that he did not live through the storm like the rest of us did. Mayor Nagin -I mean Nickels- has YET to answer any more questions about his bungling of this storm since his "B" grade LAST Wednesday. I'm NOT letting up on this issue! Today I was featured in a story on Seattle's "Big Blog" run by the Seattle P-I daily newspaper. The article is the "lead story" on the blog tonight. This squeaky wheel is going to keep on squeaking until Mayor Greg "B" Nickels comes out of his hiding place and apologizes to Seattle for his flippant, ill-advised, and insulting "B" grade and for taking away many, MANY people's Christmases this year. Mayor Knucklehead is the Grinch Who Stole Christmas (and a pasty bloated coward to boot)! The phone number to call the Mayor and tell him what YOU think of his lazy response to Seattle's WORST natural disaster in 2 years is on my Facebook group page. Please join if you haven't already. Let you voice be HEARD!

UPDATE: I will be featured on KOMO4 News at 5PM and Q-13 News at 10PM in Seattle for starting my Facebook protest page. Also, the Mayor is still really M.I.A. One of the reporters who interviewed me was on her way over to his house to "surprise" him.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Styli ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ sta Is Finally Over

Does anyone care that STYLISTA finally ended last week? Or was it the week before? Who won? Some girl who was a bitch. The really bitchy one? No. The kinda timid-about-being-bitchy girl. Oh. Hmmm. The really bitchy girl did what most delusional reality show contestants do, she walked off with her head held high talking about how she'd hire and fire them all someday. Then she dissolved into tears. Did Anne warm up at all during the show? Yes, she laughed often, though almost always AT someone. Sometimes Joe Zee laughed for her, if she was too busy or bored or distracted. Anne made Patsy Stone look like a model employee! I still can't get over how much venom Brooke could pack into saying the name "Anne." It was like she threw up a little in her throat every time she said it and the "e" was the sound of her swallowing it. So the show was a complete waste of time? Yes. Worse than THE SHOT? Oh hell yes! Worse than the first episode of this past season of ANTM? Oh hell no! I still have nightmares that someone is cloning Tyra banks in a lab somewhere.

This Just In: Jeff Lieberman Still Adorable (and Straight)

This just in! Jeff Lieberman of Discovery Channel's awesome new show TIME WARP is still hot and still straight. If either situation changes, we'll be the first to make inappropriate comments about it. Usually when I find out a guy is straight I'm just not into him any more. It's like a light switch. But Jeff Lieberman is just too cute! I'm not going to stalk him or anything, but Jeff Lieberman, you are welcome to stalk me. The more I learn about Jeff, the more I fall in love with him. He is a mad scientist slash genius which I think is sexy. He is so smart it's retarded! Big brains turn me on. But even with his unusually huge brain, he looks good in a tight t-shirt. Are there Jeff Lieberman fan sites out there I can link to? Lemme know! We aim to connect lovers of Jeff Lieberman worldwide whenever possible.

2009 Will Be a Let Down After This

Whoever is in charge at CNN and paired Super Duper Extra Sexy Closeted Anderson Cooper with Kathy God Damn Griffin deserves a special Emmy award. It just doesn't get any better! If Lance Bass shows up, I'll poop myself! I am going to TiVo the crap outta this show! Though, I'll probably be at home watching it on TiVo anyway. I'm not one for big holiday parties. I'm a nester. Only a Platinum Club Fag Hag like Griffin (and Kelly Ripa) can bring the big ol' gurl in Anderson out. Anderson is a giggling mess after 20 minutes with Griffin or Ripa. I'm hopin' and prayin' that when Regin tosses in the towel on his 25+ year LIVE morning TV show, that Anderson Cooper will replace him. I don't wish Regis ill, I just hope Coop gets his host chair when Regis moves on to a twice nightly show at the Trump Palace in Atlantic City. The countdown to New Year's Eve with Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin is ON, bitches!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Friday! You Made It Through Christmas!

Good for you! You made it through Christmas. Now, with an eye toward the new year full of "hope*" and "change*" and "equality for all*" (*unless you're gay) here is an inspirational video from Funny Or Die dot com to start your post-xmas off right!

Now use your own unique talents (see photo above) and get out there and change the world... right after THE PRICE IS RIGHT!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

RIP: Eartha Kitt

It wasn't a very merry Christmas for Eartha Kitt. She passed away from colon cancer earlier today at the age of 81. We'll miss you Eartha. Meow.

RIP: Harold Pinter

Not a good day for show business. Nobel Laureate and playwright of over 40 plays Harold Pinter passed away (also from cancer). He was 78.

Chappy Chanukah Night 5

Happy Chanukah Night 5, Jewtatoes! Click on the Christian Siriano Fierce Menorah to see it full sized. On this day in history, Jesus wasn't born. Also, in 1066, William the Conqueror was crowned King of England. George Washington crossed the Delaware River and surprised the Hessians. In 1830, the first regularly scheduled passenger train in the United States began operation in South Carolina. In 1949, fictitious detective Dick Tracy got married on Christmas Day. The comic strip hero, who was not a real person, married Tess Trueheart (also fictitious). In 1993 Mariah Carey had the #1 single in the U.S., "Hero", from the #1 album in the U.S., "Music Box." Anti-Christ Karl Rove was hatched today from the abandoned egg of Satan's bitch. Happy Birthday to the following people who aren't Jesus Christ: Sir Isaac Newton, Clara Barton, Conrad Hilton, Cab Calloway, Anwar el-Sadat, Rod Serling, Hanna Schygulla, Gary Sandy, Jimmy Buffett, Mabel King, CCH Pounder, Barbara Mandrell, Sissy Spacek, Humphrey Bogart, Dido, Quentin Crisp, Annie Lennox, and Shane MacGowan just to name a few people who were born today, unlike Jesus.

LOL Cats Say "Ho Ho Ho"

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Merry

Happy holidays from The Sectional. Here's a heartwarming holiday song from cutie Jason Mraz.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


You lost me, Obama. Not only that, but I feel used. "Change" you said. "Hope" you said. You have given me neither. You are an asshole just like EVERY other politician in the world. I should have fought harder for Hillary. we all should have fought harder for Hillary.

Towleroad said it better than I could, "It is right to continue to condemn the Warren decision, and it shows that not only must we hold Obama to the promises he made to the LGBT people who helped get him elected, we must demand even more.

It is shameful that Obama's campaign of "inclusivity" is to get its first national blessing from a man whose ideology is anything but inclusive. It won't be forgotten until promises, policy, and solid legislation are pursued in the direction of equality for LGBT Americans."

I think the web site above should be ""

Monday, December 22, 2008

Best Of The Sectional

Thanks again if you are reading this right now. Based on our calculations here at The Sectional Labs, LLC the following posts are THE BEST based on a few different criteria. We love Kristin Wiig and Joel McHale. We love SNL and PROJECT RUNWAY. We do not care for THE VIEW nor do we consider Dr. Phil an actual doctor (of anything). Let me know if any of the links don't link. I had to hand-code most of this post. Gah!

#1. /2008/03/live-from-new-york-its-kristin-wiig.html
Kristin Wiig always gets a TON of hits. Obviously, not enough people are blogging about the Wiig's brilliance!
#2. /2008/12/snl-no-mo-po.html
Another huge hit for an SNL post. SNL really reaped a windfall from John McCain's selection of Tiny Fey as his running mate.
#3. /2008/04/anderson-cooper-penis-bump.html
I can NOT believe this clip hasn't been removed yet. It is a frequent favorite among Sectional readers. Everyday I keep expecting Super Duper Anderson Cooper to sue my ass. (Yes, I said "sue" not "do."
#4. /2008/03/very-live-with-regis-and-ke-joy-philbin.html
Not enough folks are blogging about what a great show LIVE is. And Joy Philbin deserves her own blog.
#5. /2008/03/picture-this-oops-you-cant.html
I'm always surprised when people who are on TV shows have absolutely NO other imprint on the Internet. I don't have a TV show (well, I did) and you can Google 2 pages worth of crap on me. Ben Turner is one of the stars of a popular show, but good luck finding out ANY info about him on the web.
#6. /2008/04/roslin-adama-08.html
At the height of the 2008 U.S. election, I just couldn't take it anymore and I longed for the security of President Laura Roslyn and her muscle Bill Adama.
#7. /2008/03/real-worldroad-rules-challenge-gauntlet.html
I am most proud of this post about the RR/RW Challenges which I think are the "1950's Quizshow Scandal" for our generation and a definite harbinger of sneaky underhanded game playing yet to be seen on TV.
#8. /2008/04/wiig-iis-jamie-lee-curtis.html
Another Wiig clip. Her spoof of the Jaime Lee Curtis Activia poop-yogurt ads remains a classic!

This is the closest I get to journalism. :-)
I just LOVE Kristin Wiig, and I'm very happy that this post is The Sectional's most popular.
What a day this was on LIVE WITH JEFF PROBST AND KELLY! Jeff Probst shared scandalous photos and stories like he was on a Barbara Walters' interview. The embarrassing stories and photos just kept coming all show long.
Lisa Ling doesn't get enough credit. She is like a female Anderson Cooper. She's not afraid to go anywhere to bring AMAZING stories to TV. She's a national treasure!
Ugh! I just hated the entire "Citizen Adama" story line on BSG. They somehow manage to get away with having the same person play 8 different Cylons and I believe it. But I don't believe that Lee Adama would volunteer to get out of his viper to haggle over parking restrictions with the Fleet City Council. Laaame!
This is just plain aDORable! If you haven't watched this Anderson Cooper clip yet, you MUST!
I can't believe it took SNL this long to skewer Elizabitch Hasselcoulter.

These words and combinations of words brought more people to The Sectional than all the other words in the English language. This list is in order!
joy+philbin+trainwreck I'm as surprised as you.
ben turner ace of cakes Few people are blogging about Ben.
ace of cakes ben turner (is there a big difference?)
anderson cooper penis Duh! It's like shooting fish in a barrel.
joy philbin Why aren't more people blogging about Joy Philbin!?
kristen wiig suze orman This was our highest traffic page until just last week.
kristin wiig suze orman The misspelling above was more common than this correctly spelled search term.

WHAT WE'VE WRITTEN ABOUT THE MOST (according to the tags)
the view (38)
elizabeth hasselbeck (29)
american idol (28)
john mccain (27)
Bush regime (25)
elizabeth hasselbitch (22)
sarah palin (22)
john mccain vp (20)
snl (16)
project runway (15)
antm (12)
live with regis and kelly (12)
antm11 (11)
sytycd 4 (11)
barbara walters (10)
kathy griffin (10)
seattle (10)
so you think you can dance (10)

The AMERICAN IDOL judges: Yogi, Paula, and Snidely Whiplash.
AMERICAN IDOL loser Jason Castro and his alter-ego Rum Tum Tugger.
Oh no she didn't. Oh yes she did.ExxonMobil exemplifies everything that is wrong with the United States. They keep raking in record PROFITS while American citizens pay out the ass for cheap gas. The oil companies ran the U.S. while George W. Bush was in office.

Happy Birthday to My Blog

The Sectional turns 1 today. Thanks to everyone who visits us regularly and here's to making new friends in the new year. Here are a few interesting facts about The Sectional blog. We've enjoyed 6,280 unique visits over the past year. Visitors really found us in March and April of this year, but our very first post appeared one year ago today. Stay tuned today for special surprises throughout the day. Thanks again! xoxo, Patty and Amy

Sunday, December 21, 2008

UFC: The Musical!

Not only is THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER the most deliciously homoerotic show on TV since JACKASS, it also provides some random reality show moments like this one. TUF fighter David Kaplan is a multi-talented attention whore, it turns out. Let's start with a clip of Kaplan on Joey Fatone's rocket-to-stardom NBC'S THE SINGING BEE.

Now that we're 100% sure he's NOT gay, let's take a look at him from this past season's THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER. In case you've been living under a rock, THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER is a SPIKE TV reality show featuring mixed martial arts cage fighters fighting their way toward a UFC contract and sponsorship deals. It's a BIG opportunity, but at least 1/2 the guys are too lunkheaded to make the most of the experience. Here's SINGING BEE winner David Kaplan on THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER.
It's difficult to say in which clip he looks the most uncomfortable.

Happy Winter Solstice!

Happy Winter Solstice, potatoes! Have you hugged a Pagan today?! If you live in North America, your days will be getting longer (yay!), and if you live in the Southern Hemisphere... bad news: your days are getting shorter. When it's winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, the sun is directly overhead at noon only along the Tropic of Capricorn, on which lie such places as Sao Paulo, Brazil, southern Madagascar, and areas north of Brisbane, Australia. It hardly seems like the first day of winter here in Seattle! We've had day after day of snow all week. News of longer days couldn't come soon enough! Many, many cultures the world over perform solstice ceremonies. At their root: an ancient fear that the failing light would never return unless humans intervened with anxious vigil or antic celebration. I'll be anxiously waiting for the snow/ice to melt and I'll be engaging in antic celebration today with KUNG FU PANDA and the ULTIMATE FIGHTER FINALE. Here's the view from my window today.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snowpocalypse Seattle '08: UPDATE

Ok, so it's been snowing every other day in Seattle for a week now. And, it's gettin' old! I know lots of other parts of the country have lots of snow and freezing temps, but we DON'T! Seattle isn't prepared for one snow storm much less three or four in a row. The stores are out of most essentials. If you didn't buy it today, you are screwed. I'm out of AAA batteries. I could kick myself in the face! D'oh! Anyway, despite the havoc its wreaking, the snow is so beautiful! More pics to come of this latest round of snow. Tomorrow morning I expect some pretty impressive snow drifts! The pics are from Dept o' Transportation cameras from tonight in my hood, and a priceless pic from earlier in the week courtesy of the Seattle P-I.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Friday From Lily F#CK!NG Allen

I love this song and the (accompanying and attached) video from brilliantly bitchy Brit Lily Allen.

You Ask, I Answer! Is Time Warp's Jeff Lieberman Gay?

One of the pages on The Sectional that gets the most traffic is my diptych about sexy scientist Jeff Lieberman co-host of Discovery Channel's kick-ass series TIME WARP, and the number one Google search query the brings folks to The Sectional is some combination of the keywords "jeff lieberman gay" Well, welcome! lovers (and potential lovers) of Jeff Lieberman. Based on the snazzy underpants Jeff Lieberman is sporting in the photo, you'd think he was gay for sure. But, based on Mr. Lieberman's Facebook page, he's "single" and "Interested In: Women" :-( Sorry to disappoint hundreds of thousands of gay and curious men around the world. The show is still cool as hell, and Jeff Lieberman keeps an up-to-date fascinating web site at the sexy URL (how often do you hear that term?!) So, just a bit more Jeff gossip for the Jeffans out there: "Someday soon he'll be Dr. Lieberman, courtesy of the Robotic Life group at the MIT Media Lab, studying ways in which art and science can be combined to bring people together in fundamentally new ways." That's a personal mission statement I can get behind. He likes ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, MR. SHOW, and MacGYVER. He also is a frequent traveler and avid photographer and sculptor/builder. There's a great video about the synergy of art and robotics on Current TV which includes Jeff.

Anyone for a shirtless Jeff? YUM! I thought so! Enjoy him ladies, you got lucky THIS time!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snowpocolypse Seattle '08

The Snowpocolypse that Seattle Weather "forecasters" missed by about 24 hours caught just about everyone off guard. I woke up (granted at 11AM) to an unexpected winter wonderland. Quincy wanted to run right outside and play in the snow. I'll post pics throughout the day. For "complete" coverage of the snow in my neighborhood you can check out the useful but woefully biased West Seattle Blog. I have a huge beef with the West Seattle Blog because they claim to be "new media journalists" but they are really just that annoying neighbor who is always up in your business without caring to get all the facts. The West Seattle Blog is a very lucrative ruse. Great pics, but don't be duped by their "articles" that are heavily weighted to favor the blog's sponsors and the blog owners' local friends even with regard to the actual facts.
That's the view out my front window. More pics to follow soon.

The View: Hasselcoulter vs. Etheridge

As reported by ├╝ber-blog Towleroad, Melissa Etheridge appeared on THE VIEW this week. As you know, I've stopped watching THE VIEW because of Elizabitch Hasselcoulter. Here's example #4287 of Hasselcoulter talking about stuff she has NO business talking about. Everytime she opens her mouth, hateful right-wing religious republican bullshit falls out. She's sick. Won't someone put her out of her misery?

Towleroad has all the gory details plus some more Hasselcoulter gossip.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

All My Tweets

As you may know, The Sectional is now on Twitter. You can follow our updates and send us links. It's taken me a few months to get the hang of using Twitter. But now I've found a few uses for it in my work and on The Sectional. Along the way, I've discovered a few really pleasant surprises. Here are a few of my favorite feeds to follow, and why.

1. Wil Wheaton, wilw, who you will remember from STAR TREK: TNG (sigh... Wesley Crusher) and a little film called STAND BY ME. He uses Twitter on a level that raises it to an art form. His posts are like poetry, but not in the rhyming way. He posts an interesting mix of Hollywood gossip and geeky tech stuff as well as personal updates. Stand-up guy. He is also on our blog roll.

2. Stephen Fry, stephenfry, who you will remember from such films as WILDE, PETER'S FRIENDS, and SPICE WORLD. The amazing Mr. Fry travels the globe meeting fabulous people and Twitters about it often with an economy of words and characters per post that is admirable and also borders on poetic (maybe it's just the accent).

3. Paul F. Thompkins, Twitterkins, who you will remember from BEST WEEK/YEAR EVER and as an occasional guest on COUNTDOWN with Keith Olbermann. Twitters often in a million different directions. Crazy. Funny.

4. John Hodgeman, hodgman, who you will remember from the commercial you just saw where he plays "PC guy" to allegedly hip Justin Long's "Mac," and from his appearances on THE DAILY SHOW. Funny to the bone, and often gets into Twitter "fights" with Twitterkins and DAILY SHOW producers.

5. Mark Trahant, NewsRimes4lines, who you probably don't know. He's a reporter for the Seattle P-I newspaper who posts his Twitter feeds in 4 line rhyming poems. Love it.

And, of course you should be following The Sectional's Twitter feed. You are, right?

Seacrest X

Who would have thought that Ryan Seacrest would be the cause of the most racially charged hour of network TV in Post-Election America. MOMMA'S BOYS (produced by Ryan Seacrest) is proof that there are still unapologetic racially ignorant bigots who aren't afraid to say it loud and proud on national network TV. Khalood Bojanowski (Jojo's Mom) made a point of saying, "no Black girls, no Asian girls, no Jewish girls, no Muslim girls...etc." But, um, did we have to go there on a lame reality show about finding some pussy-whipped mama's-boy some pussy (from a desperate pool of half crazies and half sex addicts)? Pardon my French. There may be a few sane girls on the show, but it's too early to tell. Though, the theme --or maybe the leitmotif-- of the show is dudes who are trying to "get some" behind their mother's back, while their mother is standing right there. The show even used the hateful racial confrontations as a "teaser" at the end of the show. Tune in next week to see which skank takes a swing at Ms. Bojanowski first. Shitty show aside, if you had a racial statement you neeeeded to make, Mr. Seacrest, couldn't you have found a more creative or impactful way to express your obvious outrage at the duality of a country who could elect its first Black President while racist bigotry is still so ingrained in the ignorant plaid fabric of our culture? Make a documentary for PBS! But, can't reality shows just be about some crazy attention-whores without having to give airtime to America's (hopefully dwindling) KKK population. Bad Seacrest. Out!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

That is SO Gaeda!

Remember there used to be a show called BATTLESTAR GALACTICA that was on the Sci-Fi channel once in a while? Well, I'd almost forgotten all about the show myself. When was the last episode? 2007? What happened? Something about Earth, I think. Who knows. That was soooo long ago. It's hard to get excited about a show that I can barely remember because it hasn't been on in years. And, silly me, I thought maybe the "exclusive" webisodes from Hulu would catch me up or fill me in. But, oh no! The webisodes just unravel more threads. What is going ON?!?!

New BSG starts Friday, January 16 at 10PM on Sci-Fi Channel. Don't frakin' forget!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Do We Still Have to Take Our Shoes Off At The Airport?

Where was THIS guy 8 years ago? Shame his aim wasn't better. I guess he (like all of us) didn't expect Bushy to have such good reflexes. In case you haven't heard, some Iraqi dude threw his shoes at Bush during a press conference. Throwing ones shoes is a sign of extreme disgust in Iraq. Even Nixon never got shoes thrown at him. Bush is such an ass. Though, notice how Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki doesn't flinch like he's had a couple dozen shoes thrown at him in his day. Bush really ducks and weaves.

I'm With Stupid: Survivor Finale

And, while we're talking about stupid, SURVIVOR had its 50bajillionth 3 hour season finale last night on CBS. I won't say who won in case you're behind on your TiVo, but I will say that this was the stupidest season of SURVIVOR ever (ever ever). It was almost as bad as the RW/RR CHALLENGE. The casting department at SURVIVOR found at least 10 people who were voted by EVERYONE who knew them as "the last person you'd like to be stuck on a desert island (or in Gabon Africa) with for 39 days." Only 2 people know Randy, but they both immediateley said, "Randy" without hesitation." Corrinne knows 1000 people and they all texted back, "Corrinne" when asked. Corrinne is a MONSTER. She is Tyra Banks without a filter. And, poor "Sugar" (just another Jennifer). Her "story" this season was a sad one. Her father died recently, and she was still processing the grief when she was thrust into the emotionally torturous game of SURVIVOR. It's impossible for me to imagine what it would be like to have strangers questioning if your father's recent passing after a bout with lung cancer is just a ploy you're using in the game. Every player who got voted out pretty much shot themself in the ass, and then was surprisingly bitter about it. It was the season where everyone who flew under the radar made it to the end because all the "skillful/crazy" players took each other out. Everyone on the show was a walking mess in one way or another. Bob and Sugar had some game, but it was nothing like Matty or the Cutie Twins: Marcus and Charlie. Though, they all burned themselves out. M&C had too strong of an alliance too early thanks to Charlie's swooning and Marcus' nuzzling (innocently, I'm sure) in return. Charlie even took the low road and questioned Bob's sexuality at the finale based on some "cuddling" that Charlie alleged against Bob in the hut! Shudder. And they said Sugar had daddy issues!! Gaaaaaahd, I haaaate the SURVIVOR season finales. THREE hours, Les Moonves, really?!? At least you haven't figured out a way to shoehorn Julie Chen-Moonves into the 3 hour extravaganzzzzzzz. The BAND! Holy Jesus! Every season the live band gets worse and worse. They're like a baaaad wedding band. Demand a refund, CBS. Ugh, well. I still love the series overall. SURVIVOR manages to edit together a dramatic arc in every crazy episode, and they've managed to "mix up" the game without going toooo far outside of the lines (like some shows that just throw all the rules out the window [RW/RR CHALLENGE!]). As Probst said, "In the new year..." SURVIVOR will travel to Brazil for SURVIVOR: TOCANTINS. I'll be there. For those of you who just can't get enough SURVIVOR, there is an entire online "behind the scenes" look at life on the jury while waiting for the game to play out. Cutie "lovebirds" Marcus and Charlie start the webisodes. Here's my favorite:

Sunday, December 14, 2008

SNL: No Mo Po

I was deeply saddened to learn that Saturday night's SNL was Amy Pohler's last. She said a touching and still comedic good-bye at the end of Weekend Update. Who will replace her? Please, dear Lord (who I don't believe in) let it be Kristin Wiig! Is there a Facebook petition for this purpose yet? Wiig was once again in a majority of the show's sketches: 5 out of 7! (Yay!) In other SNL news, Kanye West sounded awful on the show, but his presentation was outstanding! He incorporated two enormous LCD screens (or sumthin) and video and animation to a level never before seen on SNL. Pretty much everyone sounds crappy on SNL. It's either nerves, being rushed, or just crappy sound. OMG, the dead-cat Christmas letter sketch was upsetting and hilarious! Also, unfunny Fred Armisen was unusually brilliant as NY Governor Paterson on Weekend Update. I hate watching a show knowing that there won't be a new episode for weeks and weeks. They deserve a break, but what about MY needs?! British actor Stephen Fry Twittered about being backstage. He has a great Twitter feed. He leads a fabulous life and has a brilliant way of boiling it down to a few lines. Speaking of brilliant! Bronx Beat was back and was possibly the best episode yet. Clips!

Sniff sniff.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Barack Rolled

Miss Amy sent me this clip, and I find it both disturbing and hilarious (my favorite combo). I can't stop watching it, so I thought I'd share it with my potatoes. I love the McCain reaction shots. A little pitchy, dawg, but I think the fans will keep you around for another week (or four more years).