Sunday, April 26, 2009

R.I.P. Dorothy Zbornak

The Sectional is mourning the loss of the beloved Bea Arthur who passed away yesterday from cancer at the age of 83. This old broad will be missed dearly. CBS Sunday Morning did a great feature on her today by rerunning a recent interview. Bea's character Dorothy Zbornak from the brilliant Golden Girls always reminded Patty and me of our grandmother, Mamaw. I'd like to think that they are drinking some gin & tonics somewhere together now.

What is your favorite Bea Arthur memory or character? Tell us!


Diana said...

she was such a large manly woman and as a lil kid, i was sooo fascinated by her. she was a fascinating actress to watch. Sad times she is gone.

Miss Amy said...

Thanks for the comment, Diana. What you said is so true about being fascinated by her. I felt the same way growing up! Recently I stayed in and watched an entire day of a Golden Girls marathon - LOVED IT!